Design solves problems beautifully

When you think of a stepladder, you think of solving the problem of height. Ladders are meant to get you to high places that are beyond reach. But to designer Andries Van Onck, the functions of a stepladder encompass more than just that. His design, Kartell Tiramisu, is deceptively simple and yet surprisingly versatile.

Why good design is all about usability

We’ve heard it a said a million times: Form follows Function. Beauty on its own—style without substance—simply does not last. Find out what we’ve learned about design from… a tissue box!

2014 Asia Designers Invitational Exhibition

We’re so honoured to be invited to participate in this exhibition, co-hosted by Korea Ensemble of Contemporary Design Association, Japan Chubu Creators Club, Shenzhen Design Association, Taiwan Poster Design Association and Macau Designers Association.

Translating Chinese to English at 25 frames per second

Imagine a product commercial shot in Taiwan with a beautiful celebrity holding up the packaging… all in Chinese. Now, imagine having to air this commercial on an English channel, with no way to reshoot the footage using the English packaging. Oops.

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