Design solves problems beautifully

When you think of a stepladder, you think of solving the problem of height. Ladders are meant to get you to high places that are beyond reach. But to designer Andries Van Onck, the functions of a stepladder encompass more than just that. His design, Kartell Tiramisu, is deceptively simple and yet surprisingly versatile.

Why good design is all about usability

We’ve heard it a said a million times: Form follows Function. Beauty on its own—style without substance—simply does not last. Find out what we’ve learned about design from… a tissue box!

2014 Asia Designers Invitational Exhibition

We’re so honoured to be invited to participate in this exhibition, co-hosted by Korea Ensemble of Contemporary Design Association, Japan Chubu Creators Club, Shenzhen Design Association, Taiwan Poster Design Association and Macau Designers Association.

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