Nothing will be impossible for you!

If you need graphic design, web design, digital animation or brand identity design services for your company or new business idea, you’ve come to the right place. Mustard Seed Creative is an experienced and dedicated creative team based in Singapore. We may be small in size but definitely big on creativity and passion. You can trust us to help you bring your marketing visions to life.

Creating your identity

From your logo and tagline to stationery and brochures, building a company website, or crafting an ad campaign–we take great care in in the process of creating your brand.

We’re obsessed with design

We fuss over every detail, every colour, every letterform. Whether designing for print or screen, we lovingly craft every pixel to make sure that your brand and your product will stand out among the competition.

Put your message in motion

We have a tremendous passion for art and technology. We love creating photorealistic CG images, high-quality digital characters, animated TV commercials or explainer videos for your products and services.

You’ll appreciate our core values.

We believe in honesty, excellence and integrity. We trust in our God-given talents and abilities, and face every challenge as an opportunity to flex our creativity.


Being true to others and ourselves under all circumstances—it’s at the heart of our business.

Achieving Excellence

You’ll always receive our best. Because we simply love what we do, and won’t stop till it’s perfect.


Dealing fairly with all our clients and business partners is the key to happy relationships.

Think we make a good match? Let’s collaborate!

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