Treasured recipes, precious memories, faith inspired poetry and songs: All the right ingredients for a truly unique book.

“Dine With Alice – A Delightful Blend Of Faith And Flavour” is one of our latest projects and we are so proud to have been a part of it. Every page bears a personal touch from the author, Alice Ong; from her devotional writings to her delicious recipes. Even the design reflects her favorite colours and her love for roses. The typography for the title design stems from her Peranakan roots, while the double-hit of florescent orange ink boldly states that she’s far from old-fashioned.

What is truly divine is how the concept evolved from a simple collection of family recipes to such a ‘delightful blend’ that makes this book so inspiring and intimate. Many of the poems and photographs inside the book are by Alice herself. Inspired during a personal retreat in New Zealand, she documented her reflections as she meditated amidst the beauty of nature, not knowing that they would eventually find their place in her book.


Founder/Creative Director of Mustard Seed Creative. Andrew has been 'practicing' as a creative professional since 1992 and 'preaching' as an educator since 2004.

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